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Sudong Chemical Filter Press is sold to \"Huanghai Pearl\" Dongtai is praised for its quality

With the rapid development of market economy, Sudong Chemical has developed into a national filter pressA leading enterprise in the manufacturing industry, various filter press equipment are well-known far and wide. Recently, Sudong Chemical and Dongtai customer signed another order, the content of the order is a model XMYZB120/1070 reinforced polypropylene plate filter press, which has been produced and shipped to Dongtai.

After years of scientific research and innovation, the filter press produced by Sudong Chemical has greatly improved the quality and performance of the filter plate. The enhanced polypropylene plate filter press ordered by Dongtai customers is an outstanding representative. This filter press is molded with patented technology. The excellent quality of the filter plate significantly improves the efficiency and effect of the filter press. In addition, it has high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and corrosion resistance characteristics, which has been unanimously favored by customers. After the two parties formally signed the contract, while ensuring the quality of the filter press, Sudong strictly checked every detail of the production process, from the components to the complete machine, to ensure customer satisfaction. On September 15, 2015, the filter press was successfully loaded and shipped. After the customer received the delivery notice, they highly praised Sudong Chemical's efficiency and service.

The eye-catching six characters \"Sudong Chemical Machinery\" on the equipment are the symbol of quality. I believe that the excellent application effect of this filter press and the thoughtful service of Sudong Chemical staff will definitely satisfy customers. In the future development, Sudong Chemical will also continue to focus on the market, seek for markets, expand the market, and continuously improve the core competitiveness and market influence of the company. Customers in need are welcome to negotiate specific cooperation matters.


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