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Sudong Chemical Filter Press is exported to Qinghai and recognized for its excellent quality

Recently, Sudong Chemical has ushered in a new order and successfully reached a friendly cooperation with customers from Qinghai. After the communication between the two parties, it was decided to provide two XAYZ80/1000 reinforced polypropylene plate filter presses and one XMYZ250/1500 Reinforced polypropylene plate filter press. On April 13, 2015, this batch of equipment has completed the final production and is ready for shipment.

This cooperation once again confirmed the Sudong Chemical Filter PressGood reputation in the market and high recognition of Sudong Chemical Filter Press by domestic users. In recent years, Sudong has seized market opportunities, took the improvement of product quality and service as an important measure, adhered to the strategy of leading technology, made breakthroughs in key technologies and continuously improved the market competitive advantage of filter presses. While making every effort to improve product quality, the company bases itself on customer needs and improves and upgrades products according to the working environment of various regions to ensure better performance of the filter press to meet the individual needs of customers and strive to maximize customer benefits.
Thanks to the efforts of Sudong Chemical, the filter press has gradually occupied a larger share in the market, and has won praise and recognition from customers in Inner Mongolia, Chongqing, Qinghai and other places. Sudong will continue to work hard on product quality and strive To win more customers' attention and praise in the future.


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