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Su Dong is oriented towards customer needs and is appreciated by Guangzhou customers

As a composite rubber sheet, filter pressAs a professional manufacturer of manufacturing, Sudong always adheres to the purpose of being customer-oriented and creating value for customers. In every cooperation, Sudong will start from the customer's point of view, fully consider what the customer needs and think, and achieve customer satisfaction as the ultimate goal.

This time, after fully communicating with customers in Guangzhou, our technical staff fully understood the needs of the customers and recommended the XMYZB200/1250-UK reinforced polypropylene plate filter press according to the needs of the customers. In production, from the grinding and cutting of small parts to the overall installation and inspection of equipment, Sudong implements full-process monitoring and sets numerous gates in quality management. On December 25, 2016, the filter press was successfully sent to Guangzhou.

Su Dong believes that the greatest support for products and services will always come from customer support and recognition. After the delivery of the filter press for this order, the customer expressed appreciation for Sudong's efficient work style and rigorous work attitude, and hoped that the two parties could have more possibilities for cooperation in the future. Sudong also looked forward to it.

The market will treat us sincerely only if we treat every customer sincerely and deal with every order seriously. Sudong has never been complacent about its proud sales. What we care about is whether the products we provide are high-quality, reliable and practical. Sudong will always realize and surpass ourselves with enthusiasm and firm belief.


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