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Strengthening of soft power attracts Ningxia customers to choose Sudong Chemical

Currently atFilter pressIn the industry, the soft power that represents the spirit of the filter press enterprise's development and the pillar of the system has gradually become the center of competition among enterprises, and the improvement of soft power can maintain, enhance and continue the hard power of the enterprise. Sudong Chemicals strengthens its soft power while consolidating its hard power, and maximizes the role of soft power. Strength creates quality, which also makes more and more customers decide to choose Sudong Chemical.

Not long ago, customers from Ningxia learned about our company’s brand authority in the industry locally, and then realized that Sudong Chemical is indeed a filter press company with deep experience and strong strength through field inspections and consulting information. An invitation for cooperation was issued and an XAYZG250/1250-U reinforced polypropylene chamber membrane filter press was ordered.

The prudent cooperation attitude of customers is what we understand and appreciate, and Sudong Chemical will also use products and services to return customers' recognition and trust. After the order was confirmed, Sudong Chemical quickly arranged work tasks, and set up a team to be responsible for the production and inspection of this order task. On October 31, the staff had finished all the work before the filter press left the factory and shipped the filter press to Ningxia.

Sudong Chemical believes that with the development of technology, the hard power gap in the competition of filter press companies will become smaller and smaller. When the hard power of the company reaches a certain level, its brand influence and market awareness gradually increase. It is particularly important for the improvement of soft power.


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