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Should these parts of your filter press be replaced?

As an excellent filter equipment, the filter press is widely used in various industries. In the process of using the filter, it is a normal procedure to replace some parts of the filter press, and the replacement of old and new is inevitable. Sudong Chemical Industry today will introduce the conditions under which the parts of the filter press belong to the obsolete standard, and can they be used after obsolescence?

1: The hydraulic station is scrapped:

The hydraulic station can also be divided into many reasons for scrapping: the filter plate is not compressed, the pressure is not pressed down, the compression pressure exceeds the standard, and the oil leaks. The general reasons are reverse connection of the oil line, damage to the one-way valve solenoid valve, and wear of the sealing ring. Find the root cause and replace individual parts in time.

2: The rack is scrapped:

The frame is relatively durable. The beam is broken and deformed and can only be replaced. Do not repair. Once an accident occurs, the gain will not be worth the loss.

3: The filter cloth filter plate is scrapped:

It is a normal phenomenon. The model of the feed pump can be adjusted, check whether the pressure of the hydraulic station is abnormal, and replace it in time. Due to the different media, the life of the filter cloth filter plate is different. The specific problem is analyzed in detail, and the filter plate can be recycled if it is damaged. (Polypropylene).

The above three parts are not important parts of the filter press, but also easily damaged parts. You need to make judgments based on the actual situation and replace them in time to avoid the impact of the old equipment on the work efficiency, causing your economic loss.


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