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\"Service, Word of Mouth, Innovation\" Leading Sudong Chemical to open up new markets in Nantong

\"Starting from customer needs, and finally customer satisfaction\" as the source of power for innovative services. The 21st century is the era of digital information and the era in which innovative services have won a good reputation. With the rapid development of the Internet, Sudong Chemical has an Internet mindset that makes it easier to operate in the fierce filter pressWinning in market competition. \"Service, reputation, innovation\" is gradually leading Sudong Chemical to open up more new markets.

First,\"Product Service\". Define new products with user experience, user feedback, and user needs. Sudong upholds the attitude of high-quality, high-efficiency, and dedicated service to provide users with pre-sale service, sale service and after-sales service.

Second, \"corporate brand\". Without innovation, there is no tradition, and without tradition, there is no continuation and development of the brand. The corporate brand conveys the company's business philosophy, corporate culture, corporate values ​​and attitudes towards consumers. Sudong three A\" brand filter press was awarded the title of \"Jiangsu Province Customer Satisfaction Product\", \"Jiangsu Province Quality Trusted Product\" and \"Jiangsu Famous Brand Product\"; \"Three A\" trademark was awarded\"Taizhou well-known trademark\",\"Chinese market well-known brand\" and\"China's top ten well-known brands of filter press quality recognized\" title.

Third,\"technical innovation\". Pioneering, innovation, and development based on the market. The patent pressure rubber filter cloth (patent number: ZL 02 2 20109.2) invented by Sudong filter press can make the pressure filter process leak-proof, especially for improving the operating environment and flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful and valuable materials The filtering effect is particularly significant.

Based on the above analysis, it is not difficult to see why Sudong Chemical is able to continuously open up new markets and welcome more new customers. Recently, Nantong customers were attracted by Sudong Chemical's\"service, reputation, and innovation\" characteristics, and successfully ordered a XAYZ40/870-U reinforced polypropylene plate filter press, which has been officially started to use at customers.

The Internet is not only a tool and channel, but also a new structural method that can open up the market. Su Dong believes that the characteristic of \"Internet thinking\" is to break through the limitations of the existing framework, to win a good reputation for innovative services on the Internet, to develop broader and more freely, to reflect the spirit of Internet accessibility, and to show creativity force.


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