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Remarkable effect of fine particle processing filter press

With the continuous improvement and improvement of filter press technology,Filter pressThe field of application of the filter has become more and more extensive. Among them, the chamber filter press has replaced the old filter press, which makes up for the shortcomings of the old filter press that requires manual unloading and labor intensity. The effect is especially obvious in the treatment of fine particles. .

In the chemical, metallurgy and many processing industries, the solid-liquid separation of fine-grained material suspensions is an important operation among them. The common characteristics of these suspensions are fine solid particle size, slow sedimentation speed, high slurry viscosity, poor filterability and so on. Therefore, a large separation area and relatively high filtration pressure are required. Conventional dehydration equipment (dewatering screens, centrifugal filters, vacuum filters, etc.) can no longer meet the dehydration requirements. At present, the most effective equipment for filtering fine particles is the chamber pressure. Filter.

According to the continuity of its work, the chamber filter press is carried out at the same time during the feeding and discharging process. The process is generally divided into 5 stages: feeding, filter cake washing, pressing dehydration, discharging and washing filter cloth. Throughout the processing of fine particles, the chamber filter press has the following advantages: high filtration speed, compact structure, and outstanding particle processing effects.

It is precisely because the chamber filter press exhibits a good treatment effect, it has been valued by many fields as one of the best equipment for the treatment of fine particles. In the process of providing van filter presses for the market, Sudong Chemical will continue to focus on performance improvement, and vigorously improve the filtration performance of the filter press, so as to better serve the market.


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