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Regional market competitiveness continues to rise, Nanjing customers look for Sudong filter press

With filter pressWith the continuous development of the industry, tremendous changes have taken place in the competitive landscape. Improving competitiveness in the regional market is of great significance to filter press companies. Different regional market development levels are different, which affects the development of regional markets. Over the years, Sudong has taken root in Jiangsu, tailored his suits, formulated corresponding business objectives and strategic plans, and has now become an outstanding enterprise in the province.

No, not long ago, customers from Nanjing learned about the position of Sudong Chemical in the filter press industry and became interested in cooperation with our company. Due to the close geographical location, the Nanjing customer quickly came to Thailand to inspect the production workshop of Sudong Chemical Industry. During the inspection, he learned about Sudong’s production capacity and strict quality control system. Our company cooperates. During the communication with the technicians, the customer accepted our recommendation for the filter press model and chose to order a XAYZB10600-U reinforced polypropylene plate filter press.

This reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press uses reinforced polypropylene filter plates. This filter plate is molded with patented technology and is resistant to high pressure, with a filtration pressure of 0.6-2.0MPa; corrosion resistance, PH value 1-14 . The filter plate has improved the polypropylene formula and increased the content of glass fiber. It has stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, light weight, high strength, good toughness, low labor intensity during manual unloading, and durable Features.

On December 7, the XAYZB10600-U reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press ordered by Nanjing users passed the final factory inspection, was loaded and shipped by the staff, and was successfully shipped to Nanjing. In the days to come, the filter press will go through the installation, commissioning and other procedures one after another, and will soon participate in normal production activities.

In this cooperation, Sudong's work efficiency and service attitude have been highly affirmed by customers, and they hope that each other will have more cooperation opportunities in the future. Sudong will also continue to adhere to the principles of differentiated regional market development strategies and consistent service quality, and will continue to climb the development ladder.


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