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Product + service dual advantages attract Anhui customers \"hand in hand\" Su Dong

If you want to be competitiveFilter pressTo be an enduring enterprise in the industry market requires not only high quality but also advantages. Over the years, Sudong Chemical has attached great importance to the formation and development of corporate advantages. It has formed its own unique corporate advantages in terms of resources, reputation, products and service characteristics, so that more customers are willing to come to understand Sudong, \"Hand in hand\" Su Dong.

No, a customer from Anhui recently sent us an invitation to cooperate and ordered a XAYZ80/1000-U reinforced polypropylene plate filter press. The staff of Sudong Chemical immediately arranged a thorough production plan and completed the equipment production on schedule. In order to ensure that the goods reach the customer intact, the staff and equipment have carried out meticulous and complete packaging and taken relevant loss prevention measures. Sudong Chemical has successfully shipped on September 9th, and the filter press is fast\" Towards \"Anhui.

The XAYZ80/1000-U reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press can withstand high temperature, the highest temperature can reach 150 ℃; high pressure resistance, filtration pressure is 0.6-2.0MPa; corrosion resistance, PH value 1-14; light weight, Easy to maintain. The filter plate is compressed by electric mechanical drive. It has the advantages of stable and reliable transmission and easy operation. It is mainly suitable for small-scale filtration industries with relatively high viscosity and long filtration cycle materials. It is believed that this filter press will be able to Officially put into production work.

The trust and recognition of customers is the best feedback to Sudong, and it also allows us to strengthen and maintain the advantages of products and services. Enhancing and maintaining the advantages of the filter press enterprise must not be solely about the creation of enterprise value. Only by putting yourself in the hands of customers and handling the relationship between customer value and enterprise value can the long-term and sustainable development of enterprise advantages be realized.


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