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Prerequisites for filter press companies to enhance market competitiveness

If filter press companies want to survive in the fierce market competition, they must have market competitiveness. Market competitiveness includes product price, quality, performance, and service. How can companies enhance these competitiveness? ? Today Su Dong came to talk about his thoughts.

The operation and decision-making of enterprises are often market-oriented. Often many small and mediumFilter pressThe boss of an enterprise is the highest decision-maker of the enterprise, and some decisions of the enterprise are often made by him, including investment direction, scale, location, and time. This requires decision makers to grasp the market. Once the decision is wrong, it will cause a lot of waste. For example, filter press manufacturers are not sure about the market, and their own product development does not meet the needs of the majority of demanding units, which will make the products lose competitiveness to a certain extent. Because product development directly or indirectly increases corporate expenses, it will inevitably drive up product costs. And if companies can tightly grasp the needs of users and develop products that customers urgently need within a suitable price range, they can open up the product market to a certain extent. At this time, even if the price is slightly higher, because there are not many products with similar functions on the market, many demand units can still accept it. At this time, technical research and development strength can be transformed into high added value, which greatly improves the profit margin of the product.

Therefore, for filter press companies, grasping the market direction and mastering customer needs are an important prerequisite for enhancing market competitiveness. Only by designing and producing according to these requirements can we produce high value-added products and gain market recognition.


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