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Precautions for installation of filter cloth of filter press

As we all know, the filter press itself is of the same specification, so the different filtration accuracy, speed, etc. required for different filtering objects are achieved by using different filter press filter cloths, also known as filter press filter bags. A filter press filter plate is wrapped with filter cloth. According to the requirements of acid and alkali resistance, tensile strength, filtration accuracy, filtration speed and other requirements of different filtering objects, first determine the filter cloth material and model used, and then according to the filter plate The size, shape, and processing of the filter cloth bag that match it can be set on the filter cloth. Therefore, the filter cloth is the heart of the filter, and the same is true in the filter press. Therefore, what precautions should we consider when installing the filter cloth of the filter press?

1. The pressed contact part of the filter plate around the filter cloth should be smooth, without wrinkles, and avoid damage or mud leakage caused by the filter cloth being pressed by the filter plate.

2. To avoid the long tail of the buckle which may extend into the pressed part of the filter plate and damage the filter cloth or cause mud leakage, the short tail should be cut off.

3. When installing, pay attention that there is no foreign matter or large sludge particles between the filter cloth and the filter plate. Larger sludge particles or foreign matter may cause damage to the filter plate or filter cloth when plying.

4. When installing the filter cloth, pay attention to the front and back sides (for the mud surface and the non-opposing mud surface). Generally, the cloth surface (calendering surface) of the filter cloth faces the mud without special requirements. Otherwise, the installation error will cause the filter cloth to be easily clogged and the filtration efficiency will be low.

5. When installing the filter cloth, the buckle should not be used to lock the filter cloth too tightly, otherwise the sludge remaining in the filter cloth at the contact part of the filter plate will not be automatically cleaned and removed.

6. The spare filter cloth should be stored in a cool and dry place. It is recommended to use a dark shade cloth for protection to avoid ultraviolet radiation and prevent the filter cloth material from aging.

7. Before installing the filter cloth, it is necessary to install the supporting filter cloth. Its function is to remove the filter cloth from the filter cake quickly due to gravity when discharging the mud, which may reduce the abrasion of the bumps on the surface of the filter plate to a minimum. , In order to protect the filter cloth, extend the service life of the filter cloth, and enhance the filtering effect.


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