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Orders continue Sudong Chemical's high-quality filter press completed production and sent to Gansu

Since entering 2015, Sudong Chemical has maintained a good sales performance, with continuous orders. After inspecting the production strength of Sudong, many customers inside and outside the province have contacted Sudong to open the door of cooperation. Recently, the Gansu customer facilitated the contact with the staff of Sudong Chemical. After the friendly communication between the two parties, the customer decided to purchase an automatic mud storage hopper and a reinforced polypropylene plate filter press with the model XAYZ250/1250

Reinforced polypropylene plate filter press has always been very popular, and its quality and performance have been recognized by the industry. Sudong Chemical’s mud storage hopper is equipped with a single door and a double door, and the opening and closing of the door is controlled by the hydraulic system and the oil cylinder. Closed, you can choose to open at the same time or independently or without a warehouse door. It is made into a mud collecting bucket. The filtered mud cake slides directly to the transportation equipment through the mud collecting bucket. It has simple operation, stable and reliable operation, no noise and long service life. Long characteristics, this is also an important reason for the customer to buy. Before the equipment was sent to Gansu, Su Dong conducted a comprehensive inspection and debugging of the equipment to ensure that all details were produced without error. I believe that the equipment will exert an ideal effect in the next customer application process.
For a long time, Sudong Chemical has adhered to quality management, doing a good job in equipment quality production, and has received good returns. Products such as filter presses have accumulated a good reputation in the market. Sudong promised to continue to fight for product quality. The market produces better and more complete equipment.


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