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Orders are flying, Xinjiang customers order five Sudong diaphragm filter presses at one time

Recently, the ordering boom has come again, customers from all over the country have sent invitations for cooperation, and orders have been endless. Not long ago, Xinjiang customers heard the good reputation of Sudong Chemical and decisively ordered five sets of XMYZG500/1500-U reinforced polypropylene diaphragm presses from us.Filter press, Has been shipped to Xinjiang on November 7th.

The structure design of this reinforced polypropylene membrane filter press is scientific and reasonable. It has the advantages of high mechanical strength, stable structure, durability, and easy operation and maintenance. Among them, the filter press frame adopts high-quality I-beam and steel plate welding structure. After automatic cutting, welding, tempering, and metal processing, it is light in weight, high in strength, and beautiful in appearance. It is composed of a fixed pressure plate, a movable pressure plate, a cylinder seat, The cylinder base is composed of feet, double side beams and accessories. The frame fully releases the internal stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction and main beam stretching, and achieves linear directional release to ensure long-term stable operation of the filter press.

With the upsurge of ordering, Sudong's production personnel have entered a tense and high production atmosphere, but the consistent strict quality supervision and control work has not been relaxed. Whether it is raw material procurement or final factory inspection, Sudong Chemical adheres to the principle of quality first and progress guarantee, and delivers high-quality products to customers.


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