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Necessary operations before long-term use of filter press

If the filter press is going to be out of service for a long time, there are some necessary operations that need to be strictly followed, mainly for the equipment to still operate efficiently and work normally after the \"holiday\" is over. According to Sudong Chemical's summary, before long-term use, one is to check the filter plate and the other is to replace the hydraulic oil.

For filter press equipment, the most problematic part is the filter plate of the filter press. When the filter press equipment is working, the filter plate is often moved back and forth repeatedly, and it is still subject to a great pressure. Keep the filter chamber in the working range of high pressure throughout the year, which will easily cause the filter plate to break, or Error in the handle of the filter plate, etc.

Therefore, it is recommended that the company should use the filter press to stop working, and check the filter plate thoroughly and thoroughly. This will make it easier to check whether there are cracks on the filter plate. The cracks are the precursor of the filter plate rupture. The presence of fissures means that this filter plate will rupture within one month in the future. In order to avoid the filter press from stopping due to missing filter plates, it is necessary to find out the filter plates with fissures in advance and purchase spare filter plates for When the filter plate is broken, it can be replenished immediately, so as not to delay production.

Before decommissioning, all hydraulic oil in the equipment must be replaced once again, and the oil tank must be cleaned. Because when the equipment is working for a long time, the hydraulic oil will deposit impurities on the inner wall of the hydraulic system due to wear in the mailbox, so for the next use, we need to replace the hydraulic oil all.

Do the above two aspects of the work before the equipment is out of service, so that the function of the equipment will not be affected during the outage period, and the filter press can quickly return to working condition and maintain smooth operation.


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