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Nanjing customers came to Sudong to inspect and praised the performance of the filter press

Based on the policy of \"integrity-based, quality first, customer first\", Sudong Chemical has stepped forward and become a filter pressOne of the leading companies in the manufacturing industry has received numerous praises. But even with such achievements, Sudong Chemical still maintains a sincere attitude and welcomes every new customer.
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On October 31, the main person in charge and technical personnel of an enterprise in Nanjing came to Sudong Chemical for on-site inspection. In order to let customers understand Sudong Chemical more comprehensively, Sudong Chemical made a lot of preparations before the client's visit. At the beginning of the meeting between the two parties, Sudong Chemical introduced to its customers its years of development and its gratifying achievements in the manufacture of filter presses. Subsequently, Sudong Chemical gave a detailed introduction on the products that customers are most interested in. The structure and working principle of the filter press were introduced, and the performance characteristics of multiple models of filter presses were also introduced to customers. After fully seeing the uniqueness of the product, customers are full of praise for the stability, reliability, economy, efficiency, and environmental protection of the 3A brand filter press.

I believe that this inspection will lay a good foundation for the in-depth cooperation between the two parties. Sudong Chemical also welcomes more customers to come for inspection and guidance. Sudong Chemical will return every customer's support with the most sincere service and the highest quality products. And attention!


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