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Maintenance points of filter press that cannot be ignored

As we all know, in order to maximize the service life of the filter press, the users of the filter press have begun to understand the importance of maintenance. Then, what are the areas of the filter press that cannot be ignored when it is maintained? Now Sudong Chemical will introduce you one by one.

1. At any time, carefully check whether each connection is firm and whether each part is in good condition. If an abnormal situation is found, the maintenance personnel should be notified in time for maintenance.

2. The electrical control system should be tested for insulation and reliability regularly. If it is found that the operation accuracy and inflexibility caused by electrical components are poor, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

3. The pull plate trolley, sprocket chain, bearing, piston rod and other parts must be inspected regularly to keep all cooperating parts clean and have good lubrication performance. The hydraulic filter press has a good operating manual to ensure flexible movement. The synchronization of the trolley and the drape of the chain should be adjusted in time.

4. The maintenance of the hydraulic system is mainly the inspection and maintenance of the hydraulic components and the sealing of each interface.

5. If it is not used for a long time, the filter plate of the filter press should be cleaned and discharged neatly on the frame of the filter press, and compressed with a pressure of 1 to 5 MPa. The filter cloth is cleaned and dried; the exposed part of the piston rod and the integrated block should be coated with butter.

6. Check the sealing surface of the filter plate frequently to ensure it is smooth and clean; before pressing, carefully check the filter cloth to ensure that it is free of folds, damage, or slag, and it is flat and intact to ensure filtration Effect; at the same time, the filter cloth should be washed frequently to ensure the filter performance of the filter cloth. copyright

Sudong Chemical believes that it is gratifying to know the importance of maintenance, but if the maintenance method is not correct, the purpose of maintenance will still not be achieved. Only after understanding the above-mentioned maintenance requirements, go to the pressure If the filter performs maintenance operations, then the filter press will achieve the expected maintenance effect. If you have any questions about the maintenance of the filter press, please consult the technical staff of Sudong Chemical.


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