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Long-term operations need to clean the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press

During long-term operationsPlate and frame filter pressThe long-term contact between the filtrate and the filter cloth in a strong pressure environment will cause the solid particles in the filter cloth to adhere to the filter cloth. In addition, the structure of the filter cloth itself is relatively special, and the solid particles embedded in the filter cloth are not easily discharged. The accumulation of more particles will inevitably block the filter aperture, reduce the filter capacity, and affect the efficiency of the equipment.

Su Dong believes that long-term operation must do a good job of cleaning the filter cloth of the filter press. Before cleaning the filter cloth, you need to understand the nature of the filter fluid to choose a suitable cleaning method. When the filtrate is acidic, you should choose weak alkaline water to soak the filter cloth, usually soaking for 10-24 hours, then rub the filter cloth a few times, then clean it with water, and then let it dry until it is 90% dry. . For neutral filtrate, just change the soaking solution to weak acid.

It is worth noting that when the filtrate is more sticky, some corresponding diluents should be added to the soaking solution to achieve a good washing effect. When cleaning the plate and frame filter press, remove the filter cloth from the filter plate and soak it in water. After soaking for one hour, add detergent and use a brush to remove impurities on the filter cloth. After brushing clean, replace with clean water to clean. For most materials, the filter cloth can also be washed with a water gun without removing the filter cloth. If the filtered material is acidic or alkaline, then this method is not suitable, and the method of acid-base neutralization should be used to soak the filter cloth.

Sudong Chemical needs to remind you that there are many varieties of filter cloths on the market, and the properties of the filtrate are also different. This requires choosing the most suitable cleaning method based on the characteristics of the filter cloth and the filtrate. I hope the content summarized above Will help you.


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