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\"Insulation\" measures of filter press in winter

It coincides that today is the winter solstice, and then it’s time to enter the number nine. As the saying goes, \"One nine twenty-nine don’t make a move; three ninety-nine ninety-nine walks on the ice\", and then it will be the most severe cold of the year. During the period, we should all know that the different seasons also have a great impact on the work of the filter press, so in order to ensure the normal use of the filter press, we must understand the \"warm preservation\" of the filter press in winter What are the measures?

1. Hydraulic oil

In winter, the hydraulic oil is the most affected by the low temperature of the filter press. When the temperature is low enough for it to condense into a solid, we need to pay special attention. We should open the hydraulic station every time before starting the equipment to check whether the hydraulic oil is in normal liquid state. When solids appear, all the hydraulic oil needs to be replaced, replaced with new hydraulic oil, and then pressed The filter can be started. Therefore, we must try our best to ensure that the hydraulic station of the equipment is in a mild environment, and the injection valve must be closed tightly to maintain a relatively stable environment inside the hydraulic station.

2. Filter channel

In winter, we must prevent the residual liquid in the filter press from freezing and blocking the filter channel. Since there is a complicated filtrate flow channel in the filter press, when the filter press stops working, these liquids will remain in the equipment. After a period of freezing, the flow channel of the filter press will be Blockage, so that the filter press cannot work next time. Therefore, at this time, we must discharge the liquid in the filter press to create good conditions for the next work.

3. Filter cloth

In winter, when the filter press is working, the filter cloth will definitely be wet, so that the filter cloth will contain a lot of liquid. When the temperature is relatively low, the liquid on the natural filter cloth will also become solid, which will block the filter cloth. Therefore, we need to replace the filter cloth and store the filter cloth separately in a mild environment for the next use.

4. Control box

Since the working environment of the general filter press is relatively harsh, it is often in contact with high-humidity air, when the temperature drops sharply, some dry substances must be placed in the control box of the filter press for suction Air moisture in the filter press control box. copyright

The above is the detailed introduction of the \"heat preservation\" measures of the filter press in winter. I believe that through the above introduction, after entering the winter, everyone will keep the filter press warm, and it will not be affected by the low temperature in winter. The work of the filter.


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