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  • Selection of waste mud filter press equipment in geotechnical engineering

    The model of the geotechnical engineering waste mud filter press equipment is a diaphragm plate and frame filter press. If the filtration area exceeds 350m, it is advisable to adopt a double-pipe feed form, and use two alternately to achieve continuous operation; use a variable-volume filter chamber and diaphragm The filter plate adopts an integral welded structure and reinforced polypropylene material.

  • Diaphragm filter press is more valuable after treating sludge to 60% moisture content

    The water in municipal sludge is divided into free water, capillary water, surface adhesion water and internal water. Free water, water that is not affected by particles, accounting for about 70%, is the main object of mechanical dewatering of sludge.

  • Key factors of diaphragm filter press in drilling waste fluid treatment

    The components of drilling fluid include clay, weighting agent, water and various chemicals. In petroleum drilling, it has the functions of lubricating the drill bit and protecting the well wall. Part of the drilling fluid is discarded after the drilling is completed. Because it contains more inorganic salts and heavy metals, which pose a potential threat to the environment, the waste drilling fluid should be treated in compliance. Solid and liquid separation is currently the main disposal method of waste drilling fluid, and the filter press is often used at this stage. Diaphragm filter press is a key factor in the treatment of drilling waste fluid. 1 Vibration screening effect. Waste drilling fluid is screened out of large particle waste through the vibrating screening unit to avoid clogging of the feed pump, plate and frame filter plates and filter cloth. ,damage. 2 Gel breaking and destabilization effect Adding gel breakers and destabilizing agents to destroy the stable structure of the waste drilling fluid, promote the solid-liquid separation effect and improve the operating efficiency of the diaphragm plate and frame filter press. 3 Feeding time A fixed feeding time can be set for plate and frame operation. The longer the feeding time, the solid phase contains water.

  • Diaphragm filter press is an ideal equipment for filtering and washing in pigment production

    Filtration and washing is a very important process in pigment production. In the process of pigment synthesis and pigmentation, pigments inevitably contain a large amount of impurities. If they cannot be effectively removed, the conductivity, pH, water-soluble substances and other indicators of the final product will exceed the standard, which will seriously affect the shade and color power in the application system. And the performance of dispersion. With the development of energy and environmental protection situation, as a pigment manufacturer, it is necessary to shorten the washing time as much as possible, reduce the amount of washing water and reduce the water content of the filter cake while meeting the quality. It can be said that the quality of the filter and washing equipment is directly related to the quality and cost of the paint. Because of its simple structure, convenient operation, large processing capacity and integrated filtering and washing, the filter press has always been an excellent filtering and washing equipment widely used in the paint industry. The filter press used in pigment production has generally undergone three stages: plate and frame type, box type and now diaphragm type. With plate and frame type, chamber type filter press and its

  • Polypropylene diaphragm filter press is more suitable for sugar production

    In sugar production, membrane filter presses are widely used to filter mud and carbon juice. The efficiency of membrane filter plate filter presses is higher than that of other separation equipment, which not only increases the solid content of filter mud, but also reduces filtration. The residual sugar content in the puree. The feeding method of mud juice and carbon juice ensures a smooth and uniform filter surface and the largest filter area, which is particularly important for fully recovering the residual sugar in the filter mud. The advantage of polypropylene filter plate is that the surface is extremely smooth, and the residual sugar is not easy to accumulate. Under high temperature, polypropylene has good thermal stability, good insulation performance, solid and elastic filter plate, which ensures the long-term use of the filter plate Life, compared with metal materials or rubber diaphragms, polypropylene filter plates have better corrosion resistance to various chemicals in the filtration of mud and carbon juice.

  • Pay close attention to environmental protection and promote the development of filter press equipment industry

    With the rapid rise of my country's economic development, the degree of environmental pollution in my country is gradually increasing, and haze weather is now commonplace. In order to control the smog, the country is now focusing on environmental protection. To effectively control the smog, the most important thing is to first treat the sewage discharged by the enterprise. When it comes to sewage treatment, we can think of filter presses. In recent years, people’s increasing consumer demand has also led to the development of the filter press market. However, in the face of the growing filter press market, in fact, the filter press industry is also constantly changing and products are constantly innovating. In order to better meet the needs of the market. With the changes in people's life and consumption concepts, filter presses are constantly improving in accordance with the changes of the times. Although the application of filter press has been very extensive, but it has not yet reached the level of perfection. In the future development process of the filter press industry, it is necessary to continue to innovate and improve

  • The future development trend of the filter press industry is intelligent

    In recent years, people have begun to study intelligent filter presses, the purpose is to simplify the user's operation from the complexity, to be more convenient to use the filter press, and improve work efficiency. At present, some results have been achieved in the intelligent research of filter press. Today, Su Dong will talk to you about the intelligentization of filter press. copyright The current situation of intelligent filter press In view of the use environment of filter press, many people may feel that automated filter press cannot perform fine movements that humans cannot do like intelligent robots. Intelligent robots cover many fields such as production and processing, medical equipment, social services, and family life. However, according to the characteristics of our production, the manufacturer can design the characteristics of the intelligent robot into the filter press in the next few years, and at the same time start to reduce its cost, so that the automatic filter press can adapt to the needs of the enterprise.

  • Filter press equipment is required in urban sludge treatment projects

    Sludge is a by-product of sewage treatment and has a considerable output. The sludge contains water and solid matter, mainly the suspended matter intercepted and the product transformed from the treated colloidal matter and dissolved matter. The sludge accumulates pollutants in the sewage, and also contains a large number of bacteria and parasite eggs, so it must be properly treated to prevent secondary pollution. Nowadays, a large amount of unstabilized sludge has become a heavy burden for urban sewage treatment plants and a great threat to the environment. In the construction of urban sewage treatment plants, it is necessary to configure filter presses, consider the outlet of sludge, and reduce the impact of sludge. Environmental pollution. copyright The composition of sludge mainly depends on the sewage water quality, treatment process and method. The composition of sludge mainly depends on the sewage water quality, treatment process and method. There are mainly the following types of sludge: primary sedimentation tank sludge, secondary sedimentation tank sludge, grid slag, sand sedimentation and floating

  • The growth process of domestic sewage filter press industry in my country

    The establishment of national \"Seventh Five-Year Plan\", \"Eighth Five-Year Plan\"\"Ninth Five-Year Plan\" scientific and technological research topics has enabled new technologies in the domestic sewage filter press industry, new technologies in sludge treatment, and new recycling The technology has achieved gratifying scientific research results, and some projects have reached the international advanced level. Sudong Chemical is a leader in the field of sewage treatment filter presses, and has conducted long-term research on this important application industry of filter presses. Then, let us take a look at the growth process of my country's domestic sewage filter press industry. copyright The situation in the 1950s and 1960s. In the early days of liberation, since industrial and agricultural production had just started, the level of sewage pollution was very low at that time, and the use of sewage for agricultural irrigation was advocated, especially in the water-deficient areas in the north. Only a few cities across the country have built nearly ten sewage treatment plants, (also

  • Pay attention to brand building to better promote the development of filter press manufacturers

    After joining the WTO, due to China's lack of competitive brands, few independent intellectual property rights, cheap labor, and low product costs, most of the well-known foreign manufacturers in China conduct OEM production. Some people doubt that if things go on like this, Chinese companies will become the dwarves that foreign companies will never grow up. copyright Many experts in the filter press industry have put forward the concept of self-built brand. The so-called \"self-built brand\" is a brand that an enterprise can control, dispose of or use independently. The brand belongs to the enterprise, and the brand should be cultivated according to the law of enterprise development. \"Building your own brand\" can make the development of filter press manufacturers invincible. Since the reform and opening up, with the development of science and technology in our country and the development of industrial manufacturing industry, the field of sewage treatment equipment is also expanding. Based on foreign technical experience, we have developed the plate and frame filter press

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