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Hydraulic oil circuit problems will cause the filter press to filter slowly

Filter pressIt has good separation effect and wide adaptability. As a mature dewatering equipment, it is widely used in the field of environmental protection and has become an important equipment for sewage sludge treatment. It has unique advantages especially for the separation of viscous and fine materials. The main component of filter press equipment is the filter plate, which is the key to the filtration process of the equipment. If the filter press is slow in daily production, how to deal with it?

When the filter plate is used in the filter press, this situation may be caused by excessive oil and dirt on the guide rod, which makes the friction between the guide rod and the contact part too large, and the oil circuit of the hydraulic cylinder of the filter press is abnormal. To deal with similar problems, it is necessary to clean the guide rod in time and apply butter to ensure its lubricity. Special attention should be paid to do not apply thin oil on the guide rod, because thin oil is easy to fall and the bottom is very slippery. It is easy to fall, so be careful. In addition, check whether the oil path of the filter press equipment is squeezed or blocked to make the oil path unblocked.

Finally, Sudong Chemical also reminds everyone that due to the seasonal high temperature, insufficient heat dissipation will also cause the filter plate of the filter press to be slow during operation. Therefore, some faults in the long-term use of the filter press must be correctly solved in accordance with the regular operation process, and experience and lessons can be accumulated to better improve work efficiency.


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