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Hubei customers are optimistic about the quality of Sudong Chemical filter press

Recently, Sudong Chemical has received another order from a customer in Hubei. The customer in Hubei needs a high-efficiency, small-occupancy, economical and practical filter press.After detailed introduction and recommendation by service personnel, the two parties successfully signed a cooperation agreement. Sudong Chemical will provide four models of XMYZ1000/2000 reinforced polypropylene frame filter press. At present, a machine and a small number of filter plates have been shipped first, and the rest of the goods are also actively preparing for shipment.

Customers from Hubei said that the purchase of Sudong’s filter press is not only optimistic about the quality and superior performance of Sudong Chemical’s filter press itself, but also very satisfied with the filter plate of Sudong’s filter press. The filter plate is a patented product of Sudong Chemical Industry. Its core raw material uses the best materials at home and abroad. The filter plate has good sealing performance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, strong aging resistance, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and high pressure resistance. The service life is more than 5 years, and the frame of the filter plate can be recycled many times, with high filtration efficiency and low maintenance cost.

Sudong Chemical has always insisted on \"quality first, customer first\" in order to achieve today's results, but Sudong Chemical is not satisfied with the current results, and will continue to innovate, adhere to the brand strategy, and strive for the best in the industry. Customers are also welcome to come to cooperate and seek common development.


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