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How to solve the filter press control button does not respond

Since the use environment of the filter press is usually harsh, it either contains a certain concentration of acid gas or is filled with kerosene, alkaline dust, etc. In the long run, these corrosive chemicals will accumulate damage to the electrical components of the filter press. It may cause electrical failure and cause no response to the control buttons. The following Su Dong talks about the solution to this problem:

When the filter press has a situation where the control button operation is invalid, first check whether the structure and contacts of the filter press control button are normal. Inspection method: Press the corresponding button and observe whether the corresponding node indicator light on the PLC input terminal is lit. If it is lit, it means the button is not faulty. If it is not lit, check the button and related terminal wires.

When it is determined that there is no fault on the input side, you can continue to press the input button and observe whether the relevant indicator light is on on the PLC output terminal side. If any indicator light is on, you should check the output related intermediate relays, contactors and solenoid valve coils, etc. Whether it is intact; if no indicator light is on, it means that the PLC does not meet the output conditions. Check whether the relevant limit switches and proximity switches are intact and whether the nodes are opened and closed correctly, so as to find out the cause of the fault, make a correct judgment, and solve it in time problem.

Regarding this issue, Su Dong would like to remind everyone that when purchasing a filter press, in addition to the product quality and function, the corrosion resistance of electrical components should also be considered to avoid premature corrosion of electrical components. The use of filter press brings more unnecessary maintenance expenses and troubles.


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