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How to operate the plate and frame filter press correctly

No matter how good the equipment is, improper operation will cause a decline in work efficiency, and even the smoothness of the equipment. Today we will talk about how to correctly operate the plate and frame filter press.

1. The pressure index of the dispatch constant pressure valve is generally adjusted to 0.05-0.10MPA to maintain the stability of the filtration pressure. Then open valves 11 and 15.

2. Open valves 1, 2, and 6, the filter slurry is pressed into the filter press by compressed air, open valve 3 or 4, and the filtrate enters the metering tank.

3. Query the filtrate, if the filtrate is clear, the surface filtration is normal. It is found that the filtrate is turbid or with filter residue, indicating that there is a problem in the filtration process, and the filter should be intermittently filtered. Check the filter cloth and equipment conditions, whether the filter plate and filter frame are deformed, whether there are cracks, and whether there is any leakage in the pipeline.

4. Record the amount of filtrate and the corresponding time. When the reading of the pressure gauge at the inlet of the filter press increases to close to the pressure on the constant pressure tank, the measurement is ended, and the filtrate can be discharged by opening valve 9 or 10.

5. Close valve 6, open valve 7, wash the filter residue with clean water, measure the amount of filtrate and the corresponding time together to get the filter speed.

6. Close valve 3 and valve 7, open valve 8, blow the filter residue with compressed air, which is conducive to the fall of the filter residue, then close valves 5 and 8, unload the filter residue and wash the filter cloth, such as in a constant pressure tank If there is excess material, you can open valve 26 or valve 19, use air to press the excess material into the batching tank or discharge it, and finally close valves 11 and 15 and turn off the air compressor.


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