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How to identify the quality of filter press filter cloth

We all know that the filter cloth isFilter pressThe importance of the filter cloth will directly determine the quality of the filter press. So when we buy filter cloth, how do we distinguish the quality of a filter press filter cloth? Now Sudong Chemical will give you a brief introduction.

How to distinguish the quality of filter cloth, you need to understand several main technical indicators of filter cloth. Among them are mainly density, thickness, weight, air permeability, breaking strength and so on. The more practical ones are density, thickness and weight, and air permeability.

1. Look first. First of all, look at the color of the filter cloth. For filter cloth, the large chemical fiber filter cloth is whitish and has good gloss. Small chemical fiber filter cloth is dark and gray, and some filter felts, such as Nomex, have a yellowish color. The second thing is to look at the gloss of the filter cloth. Long-fiber filter cloth has a smooth and shiny surface, and short-fiber filter cloth has hairy surface. Finally, look at the texture of the filter cloth, such as twill and plain weave. These textures can also help you determine the model. Because some specifications have different textures, the specifications will also be different.

2. Touch again. The first is to feel the softness of the filter cloth by hand. Among them, short fibers such as 208 and 729 are as soft as plush cloth. 734, 747, 758, and 3927 are all woven from the same material, but the thickness and density are different. 3927 is very rough, strong, and not soft. The softness and roughness need to be touched little by little while holding the sample. It is not clear to say. The second is the density of the filter cloth. The density is one by hand, and it is best to count the number of threads in 10cm. Corresponding filter cloth specifications have their own density coefficients, which can be roughly distinguished by comparing them.

3. Weigh again. The main purpose is to measure the thickness of the filter cloth. It is best to take a small piece and weigh it per square meter.

4. Burn again. Among them, the polyester fiber burns black smoke, and the polypropylene fiber burns blue. It's hard to say that the others are not allowed to burn.

To sum up, the order of our thinking is to first determine whether it is a woven fabric, then determine the material of the filter cloth, and then make a general judgment on the length and short fiber and the grain. Then, the model of the filter cloth is comprehensively determined according to the technical indicators of the thickness, density and grammage of the filter cloth. If we follow the above-mentioned method when purchasing filter cloth for filter press, I believe everyone will choose a suitable filter cloth.


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