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How to choose the right filter cloth for your own filter press

In the daily industrial production process of filter press, the most common question is how to choose the filter cloth suitable for your industry? How to choose filter cloth of different forms of filter press?

When we choose the filter cloth of the chamber filter press, the most important thing is to consider the nature of the material to be filtered, which accounts for more than 75% of the importance when choosing the filter cloth of the filter press.

1. The stripping performance of the filter residue directly affects the working efficiency of the filter press equipment. The surface of the filter residue is smooth and non-adhesive type, and the filtrate will quickly dial out from the filter cloth, with short filtering time and high efficiency. On the contrary, the filter residue is sticky, and the filtering time will be longer. Of course, the efficiency will be correspondingly reduced. The stronger the stickiness, the lower the efficiency. In this case, you should choose monofilament filter cloth or satin woven filter cloth.

2. Choose according to the acidity and alkalinity of the filtrate. Choose the type of filter cloth that suits you for different levels of acid and alkali. The strongest acid resistance is polyester filter cloth, and the strongest alkali resistance is vinylon filter cloth. The polypropylene filter cloth has both acid and alkali resistance.

3. The shape of the filter residue, whether the particles are uniform, and whether the shape is hard, so as to consider the wear resistance of the filter cloth. The size is uneven, and there are water chestnuts, which are selected according to the degree. The best wear resistance is polyester filter cloth and nylon filter cloth.

4. The temperature of the filter material. Temperature also affects the filter cloth and working efficiency of the filter press. The polyester filter cloth has the highest temperature resistance.

Finally, it is our requirements, the efficiency of the filter press, the dryness of the filter residue, the regeneration performance of the filter cloth, etc. The filter cloth with good regeneration performance can be washed directly on the filter press to reduce the number of cloth changes.

The properties of four commonly used filter cloths are listed below.



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