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How to choose the most suitable filter cloth for filter press

In the process of using the filter press, because the specifications of the filter press itself will not change, it is necessary to use different filter cloths to achieve the ideal filtering effect for different filter materials, so choosing the right filter cloth can Effectively improve the working efficiency and filtering effect of the filter press. Today, Su Dong will introduce you how to choose the right filter cloth.

First of all, we must first understand the working process of the filter cloth: when the solid-liquid mixture enters the filter press, the filter cloth will contact the filtrate from the filter press on the designed filter structure. There is a pressure difference between the two sides, the liquid in the natural mixed liquid passes through the filter cloth, and the solid is intercepted by the filter cloth, thus realizing solid-liquid separation. It is necessary to know that the size and characteristics of the solid particles in the filtrate are different, so the density of the filter cloth is also different, so how to choose the filter cloth correctly? There are the following points:

1. The shape of the filter residue. Whether the solid shape in the filtrate is hard, so as to consider the wear resistance of the filter cloth. The size is uneven and there are water chestnuts, which are selected according to the degree. Abrasion resistance belongs to polyester filter cloth and nylon filter cloth.

2. The temperature of the filtrate. Temperature also affects the filter cloth and working efficiency of the filter press. If it is a higher temperature filtrate, then the polyester filter cloth with the highest temperature resistance must be selected.

3. The viscosity of the filtrate. The surface of the filter residue is smooth and non-adhesive type, and the filtrate will quickly dial out from the filter cloth. The filtering time is short and the efficiency is high. If the filter residue is sticky, the filtering time will be longer, and of course the efficiency will be reduced accordingly. The stronger the stickiness, the lower the efficiency. At this time we have to choose monofilament filter cloth or satin weave filter cloth.

4. The acidity and alkalinity of the filtrate. Choose the type of filter cloth that suits you for different levels of acid and alkali. The strongest acid resistance is polyester filter cloth, and the strongest alkali resistance is vinylon filter cloth. The polypropylene filter cloth has both acid and alkali resistance.

When you choose the filter cloth of the filter press, you must consider the shape of the filter residue, the temperature of the filtrate, the viscosity of the filtrate and the acidity and alkalinity of the filtrate to consider the most suitable filter cloth. If you are still unsure, you can also consult Su Dong, Su Dong will select the most suitable filter cloth for you according to your specific situation, so as to ensure the efficient work of the filter press.


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