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How to calculate the sludge treatment capacity of filter press

As we all know, filter presses are often used as sludge treatment equipment with good filtration performance, and the sludge treatment effect is outstanding. In order to achieve a better treatment effect, Su Dong believes that the sludge treatment capacity is a factor that must be considered. Once the sludge filter press is introduced, there is no clear treatment capacity parameter, which requires the customer to calculate according to the existing parameters.

Generally, the parameters provided by the filter press for sludge treatment include filtration area, total filter chamber capacity, number of filter chambers, number of plates and effective volume, filter cake thickness and other parameters. Assuming that the volume of the filter chamber is 1 cubic meter, the moisture content of the sludge before the filter press is 97%, and the moisture content after the filter press is 40%. Each ton of sludge requires 10kg of agent (assuming the agent density is 1g/cm3). The filter cycle of the filter is 0.8 hours, and the amount of sludge treated each time is X cubic meters, then 1*(1-40%)=X*(1-97%)+X*10/1000, and X is 15 cubic meters. It takes 0.8 hours for one treatment, which means that it can process 18.75 cubic meters of sludge per hour, so it takes 5.3 hours for 100 cubic meters of sludge.

It can be seen from the above formula that the size of the sludge treatment capacity is directly related to the volume of the filter chamber and the moisture content of the mud cake. With the same model of filter press, the larger the volume of the filter chamber and the larger the number of filter chambers, the more sludge can be processed. For filter presses with the same filter chamber volume and quantity, the lower the water content of the sludge, the greater the single processing capacity. If the above water content of 40% is replaced by 60%, the value of X is only 10 cubic meters. . Because the plate and frame filter press fills the filter chamber with the filter cake and there is no room for dehydration again, the filter will start to unload the cake, so if the mud cake has a low moisture content, it can hold more dry material and process more water Sludge with a rate of more than 90%.

Sudong Chemical reminds everyone that it is necessary to calculate the treatment capacity when choosing a filter press. When the sludge treatment filter press has a larger capacity, the sludge treatment speed will also be faster, and at the same time, the same sludge treatment equipment Short running time naturally saves energy, so that the goal of high efficiency can be achieved.


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