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High pressure diaphragm filter press plays a big role in papermaking sludge treatment

It is understood that the current traditional methods of harmless treatment of papermaking sludge in the world are mainly incineration, composting and landfilling. Sanitary landfill or composting is also commonly used in China for treatment. More than 70 mu of land needs to be landfilled every year, which is a waste of land. Resources also cause secondary pollution to the land. At present, there are many brands of papermaking sludge treatment equipment in China. Among them, Sudong high pressure membrane filter press can effectively reduce the harmful substances in the sludge, which can fully meet the needs of customers, and can realize the direct second time after sludge dehydration. Utilization not only saves energy but also solves the problem of papermaking sludge treatment. The high-pressure diaphragm filter press has irreplaceable advantages:

1. The filter belt is automatically tightened and rectified, which completely solves the problem of filter belt deviation and damage to the filter belt; the electronic control system is equipped with a chain protection device to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the whole machine.

2. Use a variety of anti-corrosion methods to prevent corrosion, long service life;

3. Super long design of triple dehydration zone, high dehydration rate and high solid content of mud cake;

4. Simple principle, unified parts, easy management and convenient maintenance;

5. Smooth operation, low noise, and low chemical dosage;

6. Fast speed, fast adjustment and large output.

Environmental sludge treatment is the most potential development market for high-pressure membrane filter presses in the future. At present, the demand for filter press in the environmental protection field is increasing year by year. Experts in the industry believe that paper sludge treatment will become a new driving force for the development of the filter press industry.


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