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High-efficiency application of filter press is inseparable from suitable filter cloth

In modern industry,Filter pressThe filter cloth plays a very important role, it directly affects the filtering effect of the filter press, so when using the filter press, you need to choose a filter cloth suitable for the equipment itself, so as to further ensure the filtration accuracy. Sudong Chemical summarized three kinds of filter cloths that are commonly used today to share with you.

First, weave filter cloth. Such a woven filter cloth or filter screen is the most used in the industry. Such a filter cloth is woven from natural or synthetic fibers, fine metal wires and other materials. The advantage of such a filter cloth is that the composition is clear. The result and performance are stable, and the liquid will not be polluted again. It can also be made flexibly according to different equipment, easy to process, and the pore size of the filter cloth can be large or small, so more than 85% of the filter cloth of the current industrial filter press is like this.

Second, pile up filter cloth. This kind of filter cloth is used less, and is made of particles with high adsorption capacity. Such particles are: diatomaceous earth filter plate. An important shortcoming of such filter media is poor dialysis. Therefore, it can only be used for liquid filtration with a small amount of solid particles.

Third, industrial filter paper or polymer porous filter membrane. The uniform feature of this filter cloth is that the air intake is extremely small, as small as a few nanometers, so this filter cloth is used to intercept and filter tiny particles to obtain a very clear filtrate. That is to say, such filter cloths are used in industries that require high filtrate, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and biochemical industries.

In the filter press, the filter cloth plays a role of intercepting solids and dialysis liquids, and also supports the filter cake in the filter chamber. Therefore, the choice of filter cloth is very important. Through the above analysis, I believe everyone is concerned about the type of filter cloth With a deeper understanding of the characteristics and characteristics, you can equip the appropriate filter cloth according to actual needs to lay the foundation for high-efficiency filtration.


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