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High applicability reinforced polypropylene plate filter press was approved by Changshu customers

On January 5, 2015, Sudong Chemical's employees were performing the final inspection and loading of a XAYZB40-870 reinforced polypropylene plate filter press. This reinforced polypropylene plate filter press has now been delivered to customers in Changshu with the best quality.

Reinforced polypropylene plate filter pressIt is one of the core products of Sudong Chemical. Its process formula is unique, and its various indicators exceed industry standards, reaching the leading domestic level. The products are widely used in waste liquid treatment and raw material production in various industries such as chemical industry, metallurgy, printing and dyeing, and pharmaceuticals. Solid-liquid separation and recycling, and the filtering effect is well received. This time, the Changshu customer finally chose to cooperate with Sudong Chemical after communicating with many manufacturers, through the actual understanding and inspection of the products.

In the process of on-site understanding of the product, Sudong Chemical demonstrated the use process and effect of the product on site. Compared with the use effect of other manufacturers, Changshu customers believed that Sudong Chemical’s enhanced polypropylene plate filter press product is more reasonable. The filter press operating system is more suitable for actual application needs. During the entire filter plate pressing process, the transmission is stable and reliable, easy to operate, relatively high viscosity, and stable and reliable performance, which improves production efficiency and saves labor. The applicability is higher.

Sudong Chemical is very happy to be loved and recognized by customers. At the same time, Sudong Chemical will give back to new and old customers with high-quality filter press products. Sudong Chemical believes that after the filter press is put into practical use, the excellent filtration performance and reliable product quality will surely satisfy customers in Changshu.


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