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Future prospects of filter press

According to reports, \"The national annual output of wet sludge in 2015 will reach about 35 million tons.\" The skyrocketing sludge disposal market will broaden the development space of filter press manufacturers. Expanding production capacity and improving R&D capabilities will become the The focus of the development of such enterprises.

According to the \"2013-2017 China Sludge Treatment and Disposal In-Depth Investigation and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report\" statistics, in 2010 there were more than 2,500 urban sewage treatment plants in China, and the urban sewage treatment capacity had reached 122 million tons per day. At the same time, a large amount of surplus sludge is produced. If calculated with a moisture content of 80%, the total annual output of sludge in the country will soon exceed 30 million tons, and the situation of sludge treatment will become severe.

The industry predicts that the next few years will be an explosive period for the sludge treatment market. It is estimated that the sludge treatment market will reach about 100 billion tons within five years.

In the sludge treatment method, to reduce the volume and moisture content of the sludge treatment. The dewatering effect of the sludge treatment machinery that improves the recycling rate is obvious. After the sludge is dewatered, it can be treated by land use, sanitary landfill, building material use, and dry incineration.

Water content is an important indicator of the degree of sludge treatment, and sludge with high water content will produce foul odor and permeate, causing secondary pollution. It is understood that the moisture content of the mud cake produced by the traditional sludge dehydration technology is about 80%, while the moisture content of the mud cake produced by the general sludge deep dehydration technology and the ultra-high pressure deep dehydration technology are 80% and 40-45%, respectively , And compared with traditional technology, the equipment investment and operating cost of ultra-high pressure deep dehydration technology are lower.

Relative to the ever-expanding market scale, the current number of companies specializing in sludge processing in my country is not large, the scale is not large, and the strength is not strong, which will cause the industry to develop problems. Compared with the urban sewage treatment rate of more than 75%, the current domestic sludge harmless disposal rate is lower than 35%, and the level of development is backward. This shows that in the next few yearsFilter pressWill usher in a new peak of development.


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