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Filter press manufacturers must correctly recognize the shortcomings of development

In recent years, the huge market space has driven the development of the filter press industry. However, experts in the industry have made an in-depth summary of the current development and believe that the current development of the filter press industry in my country still has the following weaknesses. Sudong Chemical believes that Only when filter manufacturers understand their shortcomings can they take the next step of development.

The management level and enterprise information level are low.

my country's filter press industry started early, and some of the companies evolved from workshop-style production. The bosses of the company lack long-term vision and do not know how to manage. They often make great discounts in cost accounting, quality control, and market expansion. In addition, now is an information society. If market information cannot be grasped or the degree of informationization is low, it will affect the rapid development of enterprises.

The degree of specialization, standardization, and commercialization is low, and the awareness of corporate collaboration is poor.

The filter press manufacturers in my country are basically private enterprises. The specialized division of labor is not detailed, the degree of socialized production is low, and the cooperation between enterprises is not enough, which greatly reduces the development potential of the industry and enterprises. There is a surplus in the market, and companies often rely on price competition to survive and seek the market, which directly affects the development environment of the filter press industry.

With the implementation of technical equipment, the company lacks the stamina for development.

At present, most of the filter press enterprises in my country mainly rely on foreign technology and equipment, and the production equipment cannot be updated in time, which seriously hinders the development of the enterprise. Without new production equipment and the level of technological equipment cannot be improved, it will be impossible to produce high-tech products and meet market demand. Without the continuous development of new products, an enterprise will have no stamina for development, and it will be difficult to grow bigger and stronger.

In the development of the filter press industry, during the 13th Five-Year Plan period, we should pay close attention to the needs of the environmental protection field, accelerate the adjustment of product structure, transform the weak points in development into competitive advantages, and technology as the core, improve the overall level of the industry, and lay a foundation for future export development Good foundation.


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