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Filter press is gradually becoming intelligent

Many years ago, people have begun to study intelligentFilter press, The purpose is to simplify the user's operation from the complexity, to be able to use the filter press more conveniently, and to improve work efficiency. At present, some results have been achieved in the intelligent research of filter press. Today, Su Dong will talk to you about the intelligentization of filter press.

1. The current status of intelligent filter presses.

In view of the use environment of the filter press, many people may feel that the automated filter press cannot perform fine movements that humans cannot do like intelligent robots. Now intelligent robots cover production and processing, medical equipment, social services, and family life. And many other fields. However, according to the characteristics of our production, the manufacturer can design the characteristics of the intelligent robot into the filter press in the next few years, and at the same time start to reduce its cost, so that the automatic filter press can adapt to the needs of the enterprise. The intelligentization of the robot mode of the automatic filter press is the future trend. Behind the intelligence is not achieved overnight, the majority of filter press manufacturers need to increase investment in research and development to solve each problem.

2. Intelligentization requires the development of related industries.

The world industrial revolution has gone through three stages, namely: from manual labor to \"mechanization\", then from \"mechanization\" to \"automation\", and then from \"automation\" to \"intelligence\' \". The development of today's industry requires the overall development of supporting industries. The entire industry conducts effective and coordinated technology research and development, while continuously reducing costs, so that the price of intelligent filter presses can meet the cost requirements of current enterprises. This requires an overall development of the filter press industry, continuous progress in the competition while promoting the development of the industry.

The intelligentization of filter presses is the future development trend of the industry, which can free users from complex operations and will surely be recognized by users and the market. Only by unswervingly walking on the road of intelligence can filter press companies gain an advantage and gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition.


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