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Filter press equipment helps solve the problem of papermaking sludge

What is papermaking sludge, most people may not be aware of this concept. Papermaking sludge is composed of two parts: the pulp discharged from the paper production workshop and the remaining sludge of the biochemical treatment system. It is a biosolid waste. The application of filter press in the treatment of papermaking sludge successfully solved the problem of difficult treatment of papermaking sludge.

According to Sudong Chemical's understanding, the current traditional methods of harmless treatment of papermaking sludge in the world are mainly incineration, composting and landfilling. Sanitary landfill or composting is also used for treatment in China, and more than 70 mu of land should be landfilled every year. , Which not only wastes land resources but also causes secondary pollution to the land. At present, there are many brands of paper-making sludge treatment equipment in China, and their effects are not outstanding, but Sudong Chemical’sFilter pressIt can effectively reduce the harmful substances in the sludge, fully meet the needs of customers, and can realize the direct secondary use of the sludge after dehydration, which not only saves energy, but also solves the problem of papermaking sludge treatment.

The papermaking sludge is processed by the filter press equipment to form a filter cake, which can basically be directly landfilled or used for composting, which greatly saves the waste treatment costs of papermaking enterprises. Many paper mills are loyal customers of Sudong Chemical.


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