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Filter press centrifuge sludge dewatering effect is great PK

Filter pressAnd centrifuges are two commonly used dewatering equipment in sludge treatment. Many users are troubled when choosing them. Is the filter press more suitable or the centrifuge more effective? Sudong Chemical Industry will make an analysis for everyone based on the respective characteristics of these two equipments.

1. Scope of application:

The applicability of filter press to sludge treatment is wide, whether it is domestic sludge produced in urban sewage treatment plants, or chemical sludge dewatering produced in printing and dyeing plants, paper mills, electroplating plants, etc., it has very good applicability. . The centrifugal dewatering machine is suitable for separating the suspension containing solid particles of 5μm, and is especially suitable for the dewatering of the suspended matter with a large range of concentration and particle variation. Sudong Chemical's professional technicians suggest that filter presses should be preferred for dewatering sludge with high concentration, high viscosity and easy separation.

2. Working principle:

Both filter press and centrifuge are equipment for dehydration, but the sludge filter press uses mechanical pressure to squeeze the sludge to separate solid and liquid; while the centrifuge uses the acceleration generated by rotation to be faster than the acceleration of gravity. Large, separate solid and liquid. The centrifuge rotates at a high speed and the centrifugal force generated is large, so the degree of dewatering of the sludge is relatively high.

3. Equipment cost:

Compared with the filter press, the purchase cost of the sludge centrifuge is higher, and the later maintenance cost is also higher.

4. Sludge dewatering effect:

The sludge treatment efficiency of the centrifuge is very high. The centrifugal force can be adjusted according to the speed of the centrifuge to dewater the sludge to different degrees. The dewatering effect of the sludge is better, but not all sludge is suitable for centrifuge dewatering Therefore, before choosing sludge dewatering equipment, customers must first consult the manufacturer whether the mud is suitable for use in centrifuges.

As the most mainstream sludge treatment equipment, filter presses include belt filter presses, plate and frame filter presses, diaphragm filter presses and other different types with different characteristics. For example, the belt filter press has a very high efficiency for sludge treatment, and is often used in large sewage treatment plants. The plate and frame filter press is one of the most thorough treatment equipment for sludge dewatering. After the plate and frame filter press is pressed dry , The sludge cake moisture content can reach below 40%, the membrane filter press, because of its special membrane setting, can continuously produce a stronger pressing force with lower energy consumption, so that the sludge can be treated at a lower cost You can get a dry mud cake.

The key to choosing which equipment is to make a comprehensive balance from many aspects, and the sludge dewatering effect and the cost of use are the most important to users. When choosing, you can have an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of the sludge to be treated, and inform professional and technical personnel or Manufacturers, so as to facilitate the manufacturers to give professional guidance, and then ensure the effect of sludge dewatering.


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