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Filter press becomes a good helper for wood industry sewage treatment

The wastewater produced in forestry and wood processing has different water quality due to different production processes, but generally it is mainly raw material cooking wastewater, thermal grinding wastewater, dehydration wastewater and cleaning wastewater in the chemical synthesis process. These wastewaters have strong pollution power and some have higher temperature. High, some contain harmful chemical components such as formaldehyde, and it is difficult to manage to reach the standard. At this time, the role of the filter press is highlighted.

The filter press is more and more accepted by more wood industry enterprises because of its advantages of large processing capacity, continuous operation, low operating cost, low water content in the filter cake, and convenient operation and maintenance. In the wood industry sewage treatment sludge dewatering, it is necessary to use waste to treat waste as much as possible, and recycle water to reduce the total amount of waste water. The wood industry sewage treatment process generally combines biochemical, physical and chemical methods. In the process of slag-water separation and dehydration system, the filter press can effectively play a role. The mud cake formed by the filter press contains a large amount of wood dust, sawdust, shaving residue, etc., which can be directly transported to the thermal energy center for fuel incineration , Ash and slag can be used as fertilizer.

At the same time, Sudong Chemical found that the working conditions of the filter press, such as the moisture content of the filter cake, the processing capacity per hour, and the trouble-free working time, have a lot to do with the process technology, the materials used and the selection of the flocculant of the filter press. Therefore, in the production process, Sudong chemical technicians also went deep into the wood sewage treatment unit to formulate a more scientific sewage treatment plan based on the actual situation and improve the performance of the filter press. If you have any needs, welcome to visit Sudong Chemical and look forward to cooperating with you.


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