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Don't mistake some normal conditions for filter press failure

Sudong often receives inquiries from some customers about how to deal with the \"fault\" of the filter press. In fact, many of the failures pointed out by the customer are normal, and it is not that the filter press is malfunctioning. Today Su Dong will introduce to you two normal situations that are most easily mistaken for filter press failure by customers.

1. The newly replaced filter cloth appears turbidity in the filtrate

Immediately after replacing the filter cloth, when the filter press is started, the filtrate often becomes turbid. If the filter cloth is installed OK, this is a very common phenomenon, because after the device has just replaced the filter cloth, the filter cloth at this time is either cleaned or completely brand new. When the filter cloth is in contact with the filtrate, there is no solid particles attached between the gaps of the filter cloth, so at the beginning there will be a small part of the solid particles that can pass through the filter cloth, so that it will appear to have filtrate at first The turbidity appears. After filtering for a period of time, because some solid particles adhere to the filter cloth, the hydraulic pressure discharged after the natural filtrate becomes clear. There are industry jargons that this phenomenon is the bridging phenomenon of filter press filter cloth.

2. The amount of liquid discharged gradually decreases with each cycle

Many friends will also find that the amount of liquid after the filtration of the filtrate will gradually decrease each cycle, or even stop. This situation is relatively normal for filter presses. Because the filter chamber of the filter chamber is often empty at the initial stage of each interstitial cycle of the filter press, at this time, the filtrate can be in full contact with the filter cloth. In this case, the filtration efficiency is better, so it flows out of the equipment The liquid will be more. When a certain amount of solid particles accumulate in the filter chamber, these solid particles will hinder the contact between the filtrate and the filter cloth, and directly increase the distance between the two, so that the equipment will flow more and more liquid. The fewer cases.

When you encounter some abnormal conditions of the filter press, don't worry, first learn to judge which conditions are normal and which conditions are true faults. If you are not sure, you can also call Su Dong, Su Dong will be patient to answer your questions and help you solve your problems.


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