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Customers fancy Sudong quality two filter presses loaded and sent to Huai'an

Sudong Chemical is engaged in filter pressThe research, design, and manufacturing of the company have been around for more than 20 years, and it has always been famous for its quality. The 3A brand filter press produced is not only of good quality, but more importantly, excellent in performance, it has been supported and recognized by many customers.
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Not long ago, after a detailed understanding of Sudong Chemical's filter press, Huai'an customers were very satisfied with the performance and advantages of the product and decided to purchase two reinforced polypropylene diaphragm press chamber filter presses of model XAYZG120/1250. The advantage of this filter press is that after the end of the feed, the filter cake is pressed to greatly improve the dehydration efficiency of the whole machine, significantly shorten the filtration cycle, and at the same time reduce the moisture content of the mud cake and reduce pollution. After receiving the order, Sudong Chemical started production non-stop, striving to produce the filter press as soon as possible in return for customer support. At present, these two filter presses have all been produced and successfully loaded and shipped to Huai'an. I believe customers will receive them soon.

Sudong Chemical appreciates the trust of every customer, and only useful products to reward everyone. Sudong Chemical will not relax its quality control at any time, and will also conduct a more in-depth study on ways to improve the efficiency of the filter press. Looking forward to your stay tuned!


Jiangsu Sudong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in June 1956. It has been engaged in the research, design and manufacture of filter presses for more than 30 years.
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