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  • Liaoning customer's steel wastewater treatment project purchased four Sudong high-pressure diaphragm chamber filter presses

    Metallurgical enterprises produce a large amount of oily wastewater during the steel rolling process. The wastewater mainly contains organic or inorganic impurities such as emulsified oil, degreaser, lubricating oil, surfactant, sulfide, SS, Fe, acid and alkali.

  • The waste leachate treatment effect of Sudong automatic filter press can reach the direct discharge standard

    The treatment of landfill leachate is one of the hotspots and problems studied by environmental workers in recent years, and it is much more difficult to treat than industrial wastewater and domestic sewage.

  • Reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press helps Jiangsu Xiangshui customers' sewage and sludge treatment

    At present, the issue of sludge disposal in sewage treatment is getting more and more attention, and various sludge dewatering processes, technologies, and equipment are gradually being introduced into the design of sewage treatment systems. Sudong reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press has been widely used due to its advantages of low energy consumption, low sludge moisture content, and mature technology application. Recently, a customer in Xiangshui, Jiangsu Province purchased a XMYZFS450/1500-U reinforced polypropylene plate chamber filter press. This equipment is a reinforced polypropylene filter plate. This filter plate is molded with patented technology and the filter plate is improved. The polypropylene formula increases the content of glass fiber, has stable chemical properties, excellent corrosion resistance, non-toxic, odorless, light weight, high strength, good toughness, low labor intensity during manual unloading, and durability.

  • Sudong filter press realizes physical and chemical sludge treatment and resource application for Jiangxi customers

    On September 2, 2020, another reinforced polypropylene membrane filter press was installed and shipped to the customer's designated location in Jiangxi. The Sudong installation and commissioning team was also ready to go to the site to carry out follow-up work for the customer. After the 300㎡ reinforced polypropylene diaphragm chamber filter press (XMYZGF300-1500-U) ordered by Jiangxi customer this time is put into use, it will realize good physical and chemical sludge treatment and resource utilization for customers, according to the physical and chemical properties of the sludge , The general way of resource utilization is very extensive. Reinforced polypropylene filter plate The filter cloth of this type of filter press is selected by our company after years of research, and the leak-free processing technology of the filter cloth has been developed and won the national patent (patent number: ZL 02220109.2). Through the non-leakage processing of the filter cloth, the capillary phenomenon of the filter cloth in the filter press process can be effectively prevented. When this filter cloth is used for filtration, the plate can be drip-proof, which greatly improves the filter pressure

  • Silica sludge waste is processed by the diaphragm chamber filter press to improve efficiency and reduce pollution

    On August 20, 2020, Sudong filter press successfully completed the installation and commissioning of the reinforced polypropylene diaphragm chamber filter press (XMYZG250/1250-U) ordered by a semiconductor company in Jiangxi. During the on-site trial operation, the equipment was running The results are good and the customers are very satisfied. Sudong will continue to communicate with customers in the follow-up, and do a good job of related after-sales return visits.

  • 4 XAG200/1250 diaphragm press filter presses help the sewage plant to achieve energy saving and environmental protection goals

    Not long ago, the biochemical sludge treatment system designed and installed by the technical team of Sudong Chemical Machinery Co., Ltd. for a customer of a sewage treatment plant was officially put into use. So far, the operation effect has satisfied the customer and helped the customer achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection. The above is the sludge filtration treatment site of the sewage plant in the chemical development zone designed and installed by Sudong. The sewage plant was established in 1996. At the beginning, it did not use domestic equipment, but all imported equipment. It has used belt filters, Spiral filters, etc., have failed to achieve the desired sludge moisture content reduction. Affected by this, they have been repeatedly criticized by the environmental protection department and rectified within a time limit. Sudong contracted the design and manufacture of the plant's sludge treatment system. After understanding the customer's situation, it took 60 days to complete the production line design, equipment manufacturing and installation, and successfully put it into use. According to the actual needs of customers, the core of the sludge treatment system designed by Sudong is 4 XAG200/1

  • Sudong river dredging sludge filter press responds to government environmental protection calls to help river dredging projects

    June 29 to July 5 is the 30th National Energy Conservation Publicity Week. The theme of the event is \"Green Water and Green Mountains, Energy Saving and Efficiency\". The Taixing Municipal People's Government issued an environmental call to strengthen the protection of urban sewage, garbage and hazards. The investment in the construction of environmental protection infrastructure such as the centralized disposal of waste has stimulated the market demand of the environmental protection industry. On June 29, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology issued an energy-saving initiative, calling on the whole city to use practical actions to implement the concept of \"Shuangshan\", and be a disseminator, promoter, practitioner, and demonstrator of energy conservation and low-carbon, for the construction of the sky New Taixing is working hard for the beauty and livability of bluer, cleaner ground, greener water and more beautiful homes. Sudong Chemical actively responded to the call for environmental protection, working overtime for customers to produce filter press products, and participating in environmental protection projects in all walks of life. Recently, the river dredging sludge filter press produced by Sudong for the river dredging project has achieved excellent application effects and has been affirmed by relevant departments. The hazards of river silt deposition: river

  • Sudong composite rubber sheet and reinforced polypropylene sheet filter press solves the problem of easy damage to the filter board of the concrete mixing plant

    In the production process of the construction industry, a large amount of sewage will be generated during the cleaning of placer, the overflow of mixing water in the production process of the mixing station, the cleaning of mixing equipment, and the cleaning of transportation equipment. Cement contains chemical components and alkali dissolved in the water. If it is discharged directly, it will penetrate into the ground and pollute the groundwater. If it flows into the river, it will pollute the water source and cause serious environmental pollution. If filtered by a filter press, the water can be discharged to the mixing station for direct use , The filter cake after pressure filtration can be used as bricks or paving roadbed materials to achieve the effect of waste utilization. However, in the actual treatment process, many customers have encountered the following problems: The wastewater in the construction industry contains many hard sand and gravel particles. When the hard particles in the filter media contact the filter cloth, it is easy to cause the filter cloth to be damaged. Frequent replacement of the filter cloth Brings a lot of operating costs. In this case, Sudong filter press recommends that customers choose composite rubber plate filter press, reinforced

  • Sudong diaphragm filter press has excellent application effect in Xinjiang customer oilfield wastewater treatment project

    Oilfield mining requires about 2-3 tons of water injection for each ton of crude oil produced. The water content of the produced oil continues to increase, resulting in the production of a large amount of oilfield wastewater, and the composition is complex. In addition to containing soluble salts and heavy metals, suspended emulsified oil, and solid particles In addition to natural impurities such as hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen sulfide, it also contains some additives used to change the properties of produced water, as well as acids injected into the formation, oxygen scavengers, lubricants, fungicides, anti-scaling agents, etc. If oily wastewater is directly used for reinjection, it is easy to cause blockage of the formation, accelerate pipeline corrosion, and cause pollution due to discharge. For the treatment of oily wastewater, people have been persistently researching and discussing. The goal is to remove the oil in the water and at the same time remove various organic substances dissolved in the water. Due to the high oil content and high viscosity of this kind of sludge, the solid content of the sewage after pretreatment is about 90%, and such sewage cannot be discharged or transported. The diaphragm filter press developed and produced by Sudong Filter Press Co., Ltd. is aimed at the above sewage characteristics

  • Sudong filter press realizes resource recycling and reuse for emery wear-resistant material manufacturers

    On July 20, 2020, the customer visited the Sudong filter press production base to carry out inspection work and conduct field tests to further understand the application effects of filter press equipment. The customer is a wear-resistant material manufacturer of emery and hopes to purchase a filter press equipment for the treatment of grinding wheel wastewater, improve resource utilization, and save energy and reduce emissions for the company. After understanding the specific situation of the customer, Su Dong gave suggestions for selection. The reinforced polypropylene membrane filter press is an ideal choice. The relevant parameters in the subsequent tests are as follows: Material to be treated: Grinding wheel wastewater Material description: PH=3-4 Select filter press model: Reinforced polypropylene diaphragm plate filter press Feed method: Medium feed filter cloth selection: polyester filter Test situation: The filtrate is clean and fast. After the solid-liquid separation treatment of the reinforced polypropylene membrane filter press, the water can be recycled, and the moisture content of the filter cake has reached customer requirements. It can be recycled for other purposes, and then recycled and re Utilization will realize

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