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Commonly used filter press filter cloth classification and instructions

For customers who often use filter presses, they know that filter presses work in a sludge environment. Special attention should be paid to the selection of filter cloths. Choosing the right filter cloth is very important for filter presses, which will directly affect The working efficiency of the filter press. Next, Sudong Chemical will introduce to you the classification and usage instructions of filter cloths for commonly used filter presses.

1. Classification of commonly used filter cloth

According to the needs of the industry application, the filter cloth of the filter press should be selected very carefully. Choose from the temperature, pH, and size of the filter material: material, mesh, size, etc.

Filter cloth for coal washing filter press: non-woven filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth, nylon 66 filter cloth.

Filter cloth for chemical filter press: 621 filter cloth, 750A filter cloth, 750B filter cloth, 750AB filter cloth, 3927 filter cloth.

Filter cloth for tailings filter press: non-woven filter cloth, 750B filter cloth, monofilament filter cloth.

Filter press filter cloth materials are generally: nylon filter cloth, polyester filter cloth, polypropylene filter cloth, nylon filter cloth, vinylon filter cloth, cotton filter cloth, high temperature filter cloth, acid and alkali resistant filter cloth.

The size of the filter cloth of the filter press is based on the filter plate specifications: 450 filter cloth, 630 filter cloth, 800 filter cloth, 1000 filter cloth, 1250 filter cloth, 1500 filter cloth, 1600 filter cloth, 2000 Filter cloth for various types of filter press.

2. Instructions for use of filter cloth

1. Polyester, polypropylene and vinylon have been appraised by relevant health authorities and used in food, pharmaceutical and other industries without side effects on human health.

2. The food and pharmaceutical industries should be rinsed with warm water before use to avoid dirt on the cloth surface.

3. When cutting, use an electric soldering iron (use a 1500W electric soldering iron) to prevent the warp and weft from loosening. The sewing thread must be of the same performance.

4. After the filter cloth is used, if the cloth holes are blocked by scum and the cloth body becomes hard and affects the filtering speed, you can choose acetone, oxalic acid, toluene, caustic soda, alcohol and other solutions according to various fiber properties, soak, clean (wash), and wash. (Concentration depends on the situation) can soften the cloth body, restore the hydrophobicity and air permeability of the filter cloth, and increase the utilization rate of the filter cloth.

The filtering performance of the filter cloth is directly related to the overall filtering capacity of the filter press equipment, so in the selection of filter cloth and other accessories and equipment, we must be precise and precise! Do not affect the performance of the filter press because of the filter cloth. If there is anything you don't understand during the use of the filter press, please consult the technical staff of Sudong Chemical.


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