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Briefly talk about the materials and applications of industrial filter cloth

Filter cloth is a commonly used filter medium for filter devices such as filters and filters. It is rarely used as a separate filter device. Filter cloth is more often used as a filter medium for various industrial equipment. Filter cloth plays a very important role in the industrial filtration process and is essential in the solid-liquid separation and air filtration process. Let's briefly talk about industrial filter cloth. (What important role does the filter cloth play in the work of the filter press?)

The material of industrial filter cloth is mostly natural fiber or synthetic fiber. Specifically, the common materials of industrial filter cloth include cotton, linen, wool, cocoon silk, asbestos fiber, glass fiber and some synthetic fibers, for example, canvas woven with cotton thread. Typical industrial filter cloth. Among the synthetic fiber materials of industrial filter cloth, polyester and polypropylene are more common, and they are mostly used as filter media for solid-liquid separation.

In a broad sense, industrial filter cloth includes not only fiber products, but also metal products, such as metal meshes and filters. Metallic industrial filter cloth or filter screens are mostly made by weaving metal wires or punching and stretching on metal plates. They have a hardness that fiber industrial filter cloths do not have, and are very useful in industrial production. widely.

Industrial filter cloth is a widely used filter medium, which can be used for air filtration, liquid filtration and dust removal. Industrial filter cloth can be divided into air filter industrial filter cloth, water filter industrial filter cloth, mining filter industrial filter cloth, flame-retardant filter industrial filter cloth and medical filter industrial filter cloth according to different use environments and application conditions.


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