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Avoid excessive operation when using a filter press

In the process of using the filter press, if you increase the equipment pressure or speed up the feed rate in order to complete the work as soon as possible, this operation will not only fail to achieve your expected purpose, but will also damage the equipment in serious cases. So Dong came to talk to you about these two wrong methods of operation.

1. Excessive pressure. When it comes to excessive pressure, the first point is the pressure of the filter press in production. The pressure of the filter press is mainly to affect the filter chamber, so as to realize the speed of the filter press, because the filter chamber can run quickly under the condition of relatively high pressure, which will increase the speed of operation. Therefore, some equipment operators will randomly adjust the pressure of the plate and frame filter press in order to catch up with the progress. If the equipment has been under such high pressure, this operation will not immediately show bad performance, but time There will be problems over time. Only long-term work can find the problem. Once the equipment has a problem, all the filter plates and related parts on the filter press equipment have been damaged. Next comes the relatively high maintenance and replacement costs. More serious, it will cause some parts to deform, so that they can't run in the end.

2. The feeding speed of the feeding pump is too fast. The filter press uses a feed pump to transport the filter press. If too much is added, the filter press equipment will not be able to bear it all at once. This will not only cause the filtrate to leak, but also cause the filter press to eventually fail to maintain normal operation.

If the filter press is kept in high-intensity operation for a long time without rest, it will become fatigued, and it will be damaged over time, just like people. Therefore, in the process of using the filter press, try to avoid excessive operation, so that the equipment always maintains a reasonable working intensity.


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