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Attach importance to development, harvest loyal customers, cooperate with Chongqing customers again

The development of any industry cannot be separated from the background of the times. Today's society is an era in which the level of informatization, networking, and intelligence is constantly improving, and even has penetrated into the industry. In this context,Filter pressEnterprises must pay close attention to the development of science and technology, adapt to changes in market demand, and take the route of technological development. In the years of development, Su Dong has also gained many loyal customers.

Not long ago, a customer from Chongqing ordered two XMYZB60/870-U filter presses. The customer had already cooperated with Sudong before. This time he chose our company again for the purchase, which proves that Sudong’s products are compatible with The service left a good impression on the customers, which is undoubtedly a full affirmation of the strength of Sudong. Due to the foundation of the last cooperation, the order placement process was very smooth. We quickly selected the appropriate model for the customer according to the customer's request, and signed the order smoothly.

Subsequently, Su Dong quickly organized a production team for the order, and assigned a special person to be responsible for tracking the order's production progress. On November 24, the two XMYZB60/870-U filter presses passed the final factory inspection process. The staff loaded the two filter presses and sent them to Chongqing. After arriving at the destination, our technicians will help The customer installs the filter press and guides the trial operation.

We have been fully affirmed in this cooperation, but the Sudong people will never stop. We are fully aware of the rapid changes in the market. Facing market competition, Sudong will continue to use informatization and intelligent production technology to quickly respond to market demand, adjust production structure, and improve production efficiency and product quality.


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