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Application of filter press in construction industry

As people's living conditions are getting better and better, cities are developing faster and faster, and there are more and more modern buildings. However, most modern buildings are built on the basis of demolishing dilapidated buildings. After the old buildings are demolished, the disposal of the generated construction mud is also a big trouble. With environmental protection problems becoming more and more serious today, how can these construction mud be properly handled?

The production of construction mud has three characteristics:

1. Large mud output: Once the construction machinery is turned on, a large amount of mud can be produced in a short time;

2. Storage difficulties: There is no large-volume mud pool on site, and direct discharge will pollute the environment;

3. Difficulty in transportation: The cost of automobile transportation is high, and on-site handling is a more convenient and efficient solution.

With the continuous advancement of technology, there are traditional sedimentation tanks or mechanical equipment for mud treatment. The sedimentation tanks are basically no longer used except for some large-scale projects due to the large investment and the occupation of more land. However, the use of mechanical methods requires a certain amount of capital to purchase equipment. Common mud processing equipment includes mud dewatering vibrating screen, desander, desilter, decanter centrifuge, etc., but the effect is relatively good. Traditional construction mud disposal is mainly based on the simple use of abandoned fishing ponds or low-lying farmland to directly fill and pile, but the earth and mud on construction sites are different from industrial waste. They have great use value and are good materials for making bricks.

Except for a few dry operations, deep foundation construction generally requires a large amount of stabilizing liquid or circulating liquid and a dedicated mud purification system. When foreign general engineering adopts the non-circulation method, it needs to be equipped with a larger processing capacity of mud processing equipment. If the reverse circulation operation is adopted, a larger processing capacity is required. With the strict implementation of my country's environmental protection legislation and restrictions under different construction conditions, the cost of waste slurry discharge treatment accounts for an increasing proportion of construction costs, forcing us to develop suitable mud treatment equipment. At present, grading treatment is adopted abroad: firstly, the cuttings are removed with a rotating screen cylinder, then the coarser particles are filtered out through a mud dewatering vibrating screen, and finally the harmful solid phase is removed by a cyclone. In this way, the slurry can be reused, and the slag is easy to transport, reducing the impact on the environment.

At present, our country has carried out research in this area, and through the use of a combination of chemical and mechanical methods to purify, remove sand and solidify the waste slurry in engineering construction, certain results have been achieved. And absorb some advanced foreign experience, it is possible to develop mud treatment equipment suitable for my country's construction conditions.

The use of filter presses in the treatment of building sludge will reduce the direct discharge into rivers and direct landfills. This will also reduce environmental pollution and the quality of the environment. Promote. It can be seen that the filter press still plays a very important role in the construction industry.


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