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Application of anticorrosive filter cloth for filter press

Nowadays, due to the increase of various corrosive factors, many things in our daily life have begun to be divided into anti-corrosion and non-corrosion. We all know that filter presses are anti-corrosive, but should the filter cloth of the filter press also have anti-corrosion functions? Next, Su Dong will briefly analyze with you.

As we all know, filter cloth is an indispensable part of the filter press and bears the primary responsibility for the solid-liquid separation of the filter press. The first point of corrosion of the filter cloth is that it will greatly affect the filtering effect. The point is that a large amount of filter cloth needs to be supplied, which increases production costs. Today's filter presses basically use anti-corrosion filter cloth. What kind of performance does the anti-corrosion filter cloth have?

1. The anti-corrosion filter cloth can resist the erosion of many chemical substances.

2. The use of anti-corrosion filter cloth can eliminate the bridging phenomenon caused by trapped large particles, and also effectively prevent the penetration and filtration phenomenon to a certain extent.

3. The anticorrosive filter cloth of the filter press is made with special substances, which can resist the damage of corrosive filtrate for a long time.

Although the filter cloth has anti-corrosion properties, it is impossible to use it unreasonably, because after the filter press has been working for a period of time, when the filter chamber is filled with filter cakes, it needs to be unloaded and the filter plate is laid out. Sometimes the filter cloth needs to be replaced. Then how can we reasonably replace the filter cloth without damaging the performance of the filter cloth?

1. In every unloading, special maintenance is required when using items to assist unloading. The filter cloth cannot be damaged, because the filter cloth has always been woven with fibers. Try to avoid the collision of solid objects. If you use solid objects to assist Unloading, it will be easy to pierce the filter cloth, and some filter cloths have a layer of maintenance film on the surface, which will cause damage unconsciously. Once the filter cloth is damaged, it will greatly affect the filter blocking quality and filtration of the equipment. power.

2. The placement of filter cloth is divided into two aspects. When placing the filter cloth in the warehouse, store the filter cloth in a dry and ventilated place to avoid high temperature and humidity. The key to the placement of the filter cloth on the filter press is to be fixed and flat. Every time the filter cloth is replaced, the filter cloth should be spread evenly and evenly on the filter plate to avoid wrinkles and stacking. Fix the filter cloth on the filter plate and pull the drawstring on the filter cloth down to the designated place to prevent the filter cake from being piled up in the filter chamber into the filter plate continuously during the filtering process of the filter press, forming a gap between the filter plates. Sealing seriously affects the filtration of equipment.

The above content is hoped that everyone can take some time to remember and avoid problems in the use of the filter press. This affects the efficiency of the filter press.


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