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Anti-corrosion protection of filter press

In a humid environment,Filter pressContinuous operation will easily lead to corrosion, which will not only cause the equipment to fail to operate normally, but will also increase the burden of maintenance. How should we carry out effective corrosion protection work? Sudong chemical technicians remind everyone of the following.

Humid air and humid environment are conditions that can cause rust on the filter press. So how can we prevent the filter press from rusting?

The most rusty part of the filter press is the base of the equipment. Generally, the base is in direct contact with the ground and is also easily damaged. Therefore, it is recommended to use the base to support the equipment. When placing the filter press, keep the ground clean and avoid parallel imports and other sundries. Secondly, the screw rod of the hydraulic device is also easy to rust. The screw rod is constantly in motion and easily reacts with the water molecules in the air. Therefore, we must add some lubrication when we are not using the filter press. oil.

I hope that the above content can help you understand the anti-corrosion work of the filter press. In addition, we need to remind everyone that the waterproofing of the electronic components of the filter press is also very important. Usually, try not to place water storage supplies such as buckets near the filter press. Affect filter press operation.


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