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Analysis on the important factors affecting the development of filter press industry

At the beginning of the 18th century, filter press as a solid-liquid separation device has been used in chemical production. After centuries of continuous exploration and innovation, the filter press has been fully automated and has flourished in various industries. However, while achieving success, we also have to be soberly aware that some objective factors affect or even restrict the further development of the filter press industry. The following Sudong Chemical will explain in detail some factors that affect the development of the filter press industry. copyright by

At present, my country's filter press machinery manufacturing industry is still in the development stage, and there is great demand in the chemical, petrochemical, food, pharmaceutical, military manufacturing and other fields. Because domestic imports of foreign technology are small, most of them still rely on foreign imports.

The most important factor affecting the development of filter presses is technology. As the filter presses have basically achieved full automation, technological innovation has also entered a stage of evolution. As long as some technologies have been announced on the market, the entire industry The influx of people will rush, because the technology is not well protected, resulting in the whole industry not making great progress in technology.

Affecting the development of filter press is energy saving and environmental protection. Since filter press is also a kind of environmental protection mechanical equipment, the requirements for energy saving and environmental protection will also be limited in the future market. There may be clarification in terms of energy consumption and noise. The value stipulation. If it is impossible to control energy efficiency, then work efficiency must be further improved.

Driven by market demand and national policies, the market prospects of the filter press industry are very promising. But at the same time we have also noticed that in recent years, the contradictions in my country's filter press equipment market have become increasingly prominent. The product industry mechanism is not sound, the independent innovation ability is not strong, and vicious competition sometimes exists. In short, advantages and hidden worries coexist, and only by grasping the key points of industry development can we adapt to the needs of the market.

The times are progressing and developing, and development is the coexistence of opportunities and challenges. Sudong Chemical is constantly introspecting, humbly learning from existing technologies, striving to explore new technologies, and striving to go farther and stronger in the filter press industry!


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