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630-1000 series plate and frame filter press


3-1000 plate and frame filter press

The plate and frame filter press consists of alternately arranged filter plates and filter frames to form a set of filter chambers. The surface of the filter plate has grooves, and the protruding parts are used to support the filter cloth. There are through holes in the corners of the filter frame and the filter plate. There are handles on both sides of the plate frame to support the beams, and the plate is pressed by a pressing device.

After filtering, you can wash the filter residue by washing. After washing, compressed air is sometimes introduced to remove the remaining washing liquid. Then turn on the filter press to write out the filter residue, clean the filter cloth, re-press the plate and frame, and start the next working cycle.

The way the filtrate flows out is divided into open flow and undercurrent.

Open flow filtration: the filtrate flows out from the night sky direct filter on each filter plate as an open flow type.

Undercurrent filtration: the way all the filtrate is combined and discharged is undercurrent. Filtrate collection is closed.

The plate and frame filter press is mainly used for high-viscosity materials and materials that are not easy to unload. The filter press methods of the plate and frame filter press include manual, hydraulic, mechanical, etc. The filter plate can only be pulled out manually.

Plate and frame filter press models: 320, 450, 630, 870, 1000, 1250.

Filter area: 1 square to 160 square;

Application: water glass, syrup, jam, food, etc.;

Advantages and disadvantages of plate and frame filter press

The disadvantages of the plate and frame filter press are that the filter frame feed port is easy to block, the filter cake is not easy to take out, can not run continuously, the processing capacity is small, the working pressure is low, the ordinary material square plate is not pressure resistant, easy to break the plate, and the filter cloth Consumption is large, the frame is difficult to be unattended, and the filter cloth often needs to be cleaned manually.

The advantages of the plate and frame filter press are: simple structure, easy operation, stable operation, convenient maintenance; flexible selection of filter area, less land occupation; strong adaptability to materials, suitable for various medium and small sludge dehydration treatments occasion.

According to customer needs, you can choose reinforced polypropylene frame or all stainless steel frame. Model selection and customization consultation: 0523-87791016.


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